Who should participate?
This seminar is open to all in a leadership position--including parents, the leaders of the family.
• Practicing Clergy
• Executive Clergy
• Leaders of any organization
• Therapists
• Educators
• Pastors-in-Training* and lay leaders
• Executives
• Managers
• Parents
*Academic credit is available through a seminary upon request. Please make your request during enrollment.

What is the format?
• Nine days each year feature didactic training and discussions in the morning, video at lunch, and group coaching in the afternoon.
• Five individual coaching sessions are included.
• Three year rotating curriculum can be entered in any year.
• One year commitment at a time.

What is the cost of tuition?
The cost for each one-year program is $2500.00. This includes lectures, group coaching sessions and 5 individual coaching sessions. The tuition is due before the seminar begins. A deposit of $100.00 (nonrefundable) will reserve a spot with the balance due before the seminar begins.
*Virginia United Methodist Clergy can apply to be fully subsidized through the Office of Ministerial Service. Clergy may download an application for funding from www.vaumc.org Clergy Development Application. Please note: applications must be submitted and reviewed. Funding is not guaranteed. Contact Person is Rev. Beth Downs.
**Scholarships are now available for District Superintendents of the United Methodist Church. Please contact the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry for more information.

What is the key seminar content?
What Leaders Need to Know about Human Systems
• Organizations are emotional systems and exactly what that means
• How focus on others affects them
• High level functioning, low level functioning, in life and in leadership
• The heritage of an organization is unique and makes a difference
• Stress and how it responds to principles, and managing oneself well in relationships
• The challenges of society

The Concept of “Self” and Why It Matters
• The Scale of Differentiation of Self
• Relationships, Differentiation and Fusions
• Basic Self and Pseudo-Self
• Managing and Improving Function of Self in Systems

High Level of Selves as Leaders in Their Systems
• Leadership - High and Low Levels
• Hierarchy
• Building a System to Its Peak Level
• How Leaders Impact the System

How will this uniquely-designed course maximize my individual results?
As people gain facility with theory and apply it in their lives, overall functioning in leadership and in basic living improves. The program is designed to meet individual needs. One may stay in the program as long as desired, though a minimum commitment of three years is strongly recommended. Each year is designed to stand alone in case three years cannot be completed.

What are the group coaching sessions like?
Held each seminar afternoon, group coaching sessions last from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on group size. Trainees present cases from pastoral counseling, organizations or their own family dilemmas and research. Individual coaching is available to each trainee with the same coach between meetings.

What is the purpose of the small group coaching sessions?
• Bring theory to real-life
• Highlight real-world problems and how to manage them

For more information or to apply, contact the Center for the Study of Human Systems at rgoffice136@gmail.com or click here to register online.

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